Still hesitant about working with a recruitment agency to fill your vacancy?

by Connor Norris on 25 May 2022
Still hesitant about working with a recruitment agency to fill your vacancy?

At G2 Legal we have worked hard for the last twenty years to create long lasting relationships with clients across the UK. The benefits of having a strong relationship with your trusted recruiter are second to none.   

  • I save you time, the most important factor to anyone in the legal industry  
  • I am an expert in what I do and have the knowledge to source you the candidates you require 
  • I can genuinely add value to your business by making the recruitment process smooth and efficient  

I specialise in legal recruitment within the Leeds commercial market and I pride myself on developing a deep understanding of my clients and candidates helping them to make the very best career and recruitment choices possible.  Sometimes when I reach out to new clients there can be some hesitation to start a dialogue and I understand why.  

The 4 most common objects I hear are; 


Too Busy to Speak 

  • Have you considered that if you spend 15 minutes speaking with me it could save you hours on recruitment? 

I appreciate that recruitment is an added task outside of your ‘normal working activities’ and I understand that you have matters which require your urgent attention.  

Giving me 15 minutes of your time will help me understand why you are recruiting, what it is in a candidate you are looking for, what aspects of their skill set are non-negotiable, what transferable skill sets you could consider and the personalities that would work well with you. 

With this information I can begin an extensive search for you and help you find some high-quality candidates that you are unlikely to get through direct applications.  

In 2022 you must set yourself apart as candidates are now using recruitment agencies to secure new opportunities. Look at it this way, I am your portal to good candidates.  


We Don’t Use Agencies  

The things that spring to mind when I hear this are 

  • How satisfied are you that you’re always seeing the absolute best available candidates? 
  • What methods do you use to recruit 
  • How successful are they 
  • How many applicants are you getting 
  • How much time do you spend going through unsuitable applications 
  • What do you do if you don’t find anyone  


Having your own methods for recruitment might be working for you. Try working with me and I know you will see results. With regular partnership reviews you will be able to see the success you are enjoying. 

Cost/ Too Expensive  

Cost saving is very important, and I understand that costs need to be kept to a minimum where possible. However, when it comes to recruitment, paying the right amount for an excellent candidate goes a long way.  

How much would you expect a fee earner to bill for you? What if you weren’t successful to find that fee earner in the first place? We work hard to find you good candidates and if we send a candidate to you, we are confident that they will do an excellent job for you.  

Not Recruiting at the Moment  

Yes, part of my job is to help you source candidates for the roles that you currently have live. However, partnering with me allows you to maintain a constant focus on the candidate pool, bringing individuals to you that can add value to your business in the future.  

Spending the time with me discussing future plans and what could be coming up equips me with the information that I need to help source you candidates for the future. Why be on the back foot with recruitment and only begin to search when a vacancy goes live? Being on the front foot is always best.  

Why not give me a call today to discuss any vacancies you are struggling to fill in Leeds. I have an excellent understanding of the Leeds market and I can talk you through the best possible ways of sourcing good quality candidates.  

About the author

Connor recruits solicitors at all levels, from NQ to Partner in Leeds Sheffield & Yorkshire. Focusing on the commercial market he specialises in Corporate, real Estate, Banking & Finance and Litigation.