The Earth is What We All Have in Common

by Melissa Tang on 21 April 2022
The Earth is What We All Have in Common

If you run a firm, you’re probably more focused on growing your business and hitting targets. But have you considered the environment? Today, more and more of us want to choose companies that care about their carbon footprint. In fact, according to an online survey, 81% of us feel strongly that companies should help to improve the environment.


It’s true that implementing environmentally friendly policies can require some financial investments and shifts in how your firm operates. But after the initial transition, most find that they’re able to conduct their business more efficiently (and even reduce costs) by adopting an environmental ethic.


It’s a win-win: Doing good for the planet can amount to doing good for your firm’s bottom line.


You might think, though, I already recycle and drink from refillable, reusable water bottles, just as we do at G2 Legal.

What else can I do?


Going green doesn't have to be hard!


Have you or your firm thought about the following ideas?


Go paperless / Reduce paper usage

According to statistics, 50% of business waste is composed of paper! With technology and tools we have today, is there the need to be keeping paper records anymore?


Reduce energy waste

Do you turn off your computer at the end of the day? By just turning off electronic equipment when it’s not in use can reduce energy consumption by as much as 25%


Get serious about recycling

Recycling is such a simple way to reduce waste and ensure materials and products are utilised as much as possible before ending up in a landfill. Are there recycling bins accessible in common areas, near printers and in the kitchen in your firm?



With all new gadgets being released constantly, do you just throw your mobile phone, tablet, computer, printers, or other “outdated” electronics in the bin? If so, this is definitely not environmentally friendly. Instead, first decide if you really need the newest and latest — or if what you currently have could work for you for a little longer.  


Get green web hosting

Did you know that your website is leaving a carbon footprint? Since 2010, Greenpeace has been calling on major internet companies to power their data centres on renewable energy. By choosing green web hosting, you can ensure that the energy that powers your website comes from a renewable energy source


WFH / Minimise work travel

Your firm’s carbon footprint extends beyond the office building. One of the biggest is contributing to pollution with the daily commute: driving back and forth to work every day, and sometimes being stuck in traffic, too. You may also be using air conditioners, leaving appliances running and plugged in, using non-energy efficient lighting and more.


Does your firm offer an incentive program for those that walk, bike, take public transport or carpool together to get to work?


Remote work is on the rise as many firms are realising that it’s not only better for the environment but it’s better for their bottom line as well, never mind firm morale. Even if going fully remote isn’t feasible for your firm, might you be able to work one day a week from home?


The longer we keep our planet healthy, the longer we can all enjoy it!


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About the author

Melissa Tang
Regional Principal Consultant
Melissa joined G2 Legal in 2018. She has several years recruitment experience and specialises in working with qualified Solicitors, from NQ to Partner, as well as experienced fee earners. Melissa focusses on permanent and contract opportunities.