How to write a Legal CV

by Euan Henderson on 24 November 2021
How to write a Legal CV

We totally get it – writing your CV can be a daunting task!

It’s very common not to know where to start, what to include, what to leave off… what are people really looking for and then you may start to wonder…. are people really interested in what modules I studies at Uni?

G2 Legal are here to take the pain out of the process for you!

Did you know that the average CV is read for 8 seconds before being deleted?

It is so important to have a strong CV which will make you stand out from the crowd.

If you follow the following hints and tips, you will ensure that you are armed with a high-quality CV which will not be deleted and will help you secure that dream legal position you’re looking for!


Structure is key. You don’t need anything fancy here. A simple and easy to read layout is most effective.

Make it easy for the hiring partners. You should start by detailing your education history, work experience and then any extracurricular activities that you do which may also help you stand out from the crowd.

Employment History

This is the most important section of your CV. This is where you demonstrate your experience to date and show why you are the right candidate for the role that you’re applying for.

You would be surprised at the number of solicitors who undervalue the importance of getting this section right.

You should list your employment history in chronological order, with your most recent employment at the top.

Within your employment history, make your position clear and the dates which you were employed there.

You should then detail exactly what you were involved in throughout your time in the position. Ensure that you detail exactly what you gained exposure to, including what you specifically have been involved with.

Including the values of deals you have been involved in will be a big bonus too.

You should use a new bullet point for each new point and aim to include the value of deals you were involved in.

Detail is key!

Tailor Your CV

Try and avoid having one CV to suit all opportunities that you apply for.

We would advise tailoring your CV to each area of law you apply for. For example, if you’re applying for a commercial opportunity, try and draw your commercial experience out in your CV.

A targeted CV has a much higher chance of success!

Update As You Go!

Once you have created your CV and are ready to go, make sure you don’t forget about it!

You should always ensure that you update your CV as your progress throughout your career. You will thank me later for this!

You will save so much time in the future should you come to looking for a new opportunity. Time is of the essence.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any of the Scotland team at G2 Legal for a further discussion of your legal CV and to see some examples.

We also have a range of opportunities across all legal disciplines throughout Scotland and the Northeast of England which we are more than happy to discuss with you.

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